October 5, 2010

Video from my presentation at Agile Warsaw

Here's the video from my presentation and the discussion about Agile Skills Project and our experiments in motivating developers at my company, that I had a chance to show at Agile Warsaw.

Do not ask my why the camera is 100% time focused on the wall, I have no freaking idea :) The voices are there, and that matters.

You can either watch it on Parleys: http://parleys.com/d/2019 or right here. Be warned: it's in Polish.


  1. I can tell you why the camera is focused on screen only.
    This is because a camera operator (it was me:)) was also very focused on your interesting presentation and there was no way to force him to loose this focus :)
    Seriously, I'm still learning how to provide best recording from our presentations and you can expect that quality will increase from presentation to presentation.

    I wonder why you didn't put an embedded player with slides channel coupled to video.

    One can see it on parleys directly. Just hit play and click on the video.

  2. That's the only 'embedded' script I've found on Parleys. But if you can tell me how to have it together with slides, I'll be very gratefull.

  3. Enjoyed the presentation very much, esp. the part about raising salary as a function of an employee self-learning activity rise or assigning an employee to an open source project full-time. Thanks for having shared and recorded it.