March 19, 2012

Beautiful Failures at 33rd Degree

33rd in Kraków, is rolling baby.

Tomorrow, together with Maciek Próchniak, we are giving a talk about failures.

There is a problem with failures withing our culture, and by our, I mean central and eastern Europe. In San Fransisco, there are regular meetings, called Mobile Monday, where speakers start by saying how many start ups they have failed, and it’s been seen as a their reference to wisdom. At the very end, they’ve learned a lot from all this failures. And it’s not limited only to San Francisco or Mobile Monday. It’s their culture, every failure gets you smarter. In US it's OK to fail.

Have you heard a story about a Japanese train controller that committed suicide, when two trains in a row have been late because of his mistakes? The Europe may not be that extreme, but it’s still at least inappropriate to admit, that you ever made a mistake.

If we never admit, if we never reflect, we never learn. So we are changing the rules for an hour. There is nothing good or bad without a context, and we would like to share the circumstances under which things don’t work.

Things like:
  • shared responsibility
  • self organized teams
  • gamification
  • open source
  • metaprogramming
  • ‘enterprise’ technologies

See yoy there.

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